Saturday, August 30, 2008

Emma's First Hair Cut

I know I have been really slow at updating this blog but we have been gone on holidays and have been trying to get organized ever since. I do know what my baby is but I won't be posting that until next week some time to feel free to give me your guesses!!

So the other day I was cutting Travis's hair and decided that it was time for Emma to finally get hers cut too. Actually it worked out good. She watched Travis get his cut then she got right up on the chair and was ready for her turn. She sat really good through the whole thing too. It seem way shorter to me now even though I only took off about an inch. I really didn't know what was doing either. Kids are so brave... at least they don't really care what it looks like when your done!! I was fun though. Emma also went through a lot of firsts this last week. She moved to her big girls bed and also had to give up the soother. I think the bed wasn't really hard part for her it was the loss of the sucky!! I actually cut the top off which works really good! She won't suck on it at all. She keeps telling me that her "sucky is broken , it has an owy" She is getting so big now and is really excited about the new baby coming. She puts her head on my tummy and talks to it all the time. I'll try and get some vacation pictures up soon. I do actually have most of them on facebook. You can check them out there.