Saturday, September 26, 2009

Competitive Edge?... Not Really!

We took Tobin down to the mall today for the baby crawl. It's a competition for baby's between 6 and 12 months. Since Tobin is such a speed demon around the house we figured that a little healthy competition wouldn't hurt!! We signed him up yesterday and could only make the waiting list. Getting to the mall early had it's benifits though. There were some no shows so Tobin made it in! They actually had some really good prizes... 1st place- $1000 RESP, 2nd place- photo shoot, 3rd place- $500 shoping spree at Please Mum, 4th place- $200 mall certificates, and 5th place- $50 mall certificates.

We did go down very hopeful!! Travis took him to the starting line for heat #5. I went down to the other end about 16 feet away and tried to get his attention. The judge shouted GO and the babies were off... well sort of. Some other baby decided that my cell phone looked way better than the toy her mom was waving at her. Tobin sort of just sat there. Then he turned his back towards me and started picking at the duck taped lines on the carpet. He really had no interest in crawling today! Not much for competition at this age... we'll have to try again some other time. I was going to take some pictures but then he never even did anything just sat there and looked cute! Even the annoucer couldn't take her eyes off of him. She actually announced at the end that Tobin won!! Maybe for sitting and looking cute! Anyways he was a little stinker but that's ok we still love him even if he is not much for competition!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Summer Holidays and Updates!

Well summer is drawing to an end... at least up here! Leaves are starting to turn and before we know it the snow will be here. We had a great summer this year. It started off with my 10 year high school reunion. It was fun to see everyone and how much they have changed, and how there family's have started to grow.
Then we were off a couple days later to start are drive to Victoria. My Dad, Mom and little brother Denim came with us. We decided to do it in 3 days, are first stop was Spokane Washington. We decided to go down throught the states because there was less windy roads and mountains, we were pulling are trailer behind the truck. Anyways we camped in Spokane at sort of a crappy little campground. Everyone let me know it too!! Nobody else stepped up to book campgrounds ( at least it was only for 1 night!) Next stop was Port Angeles. Yes for all you Twilight fans that is the place they go prom dress shopping!!! I was only about 45 mins away from Forks... unfortunately I never made it there. We caught the ferry to Victoria early the next morning.
We spent 6 great days there. Thanks so much to my cousin Kami and her family for showing us a good time and feeding us 3 or 4 nights while we were there. We went crabbing 3 of the 6 days... it was so good. I learned that I like Thai Green Mussels!! We walked around Beaconhill Park, went to the inner harbor, Travis got to go Salmon fishing in the ocean, Emma got to go to the beach and totally loved it (she threw sand in her hair everytime we set foot on some sand!) and I got to go kayaking in the ocean and jig for some super ugly fish! It was lots of fun and we really want to go back in a few years.

On are way home we drove back through B.C. which was a WAY prettier drive than through the states! We had a great time. When we got back we spent some time with family and made it to cornfest in Taber. It was so much fun but really tiring. It's good to be back and have the kids on some kind of schedule again.

Travis is back to work as usual!!! He says he enjoys his job about 10% of the time! Sounds great. We have also had are house up for sale for a month... lots of showing and no bites. That's ok because we really have been up in the air as to what we want to do. I know last you all heard we had a lot picked out and a house that we wanted to build... well we change are minds a lot!! Anyways we started looking around for a house just to buy but have now realized that there really is nothing that we like that's with in are price range!!! We have found a house that we are just waiting on the price of... I really do have a feeling that it's going to be too much!! Are other option is to build that house on a cheaper lot some where else. I'll let you know how all the house stuff is going when we finally come to a decision.
I have been hanging out with my kids, watching them learn a grow everyday. I'm trying to finish a baby blanket for my sister that is scheduled for a c-section in a week! Not a whole lot going on with me!
Emma is my little proper princess!!! At least in front of people. Grandma's just couldn't get enough of Emma's simple "Yes" to all the questions that she was asked. She loves dressing up and eating snacks. I threaten her at dinner time that if she doesn't eat her veggies that she is going to get scurvy!! She really doesn't want it!! We also found out Emma's reaction to her Daddy being cheap! Travis and I were talking in the truck... I mentioned that because Emma likes princesses so much that she probably is going to want pretty expensive wedding. Travis responded with a "who's going to pay for it!" I turned around at told Emma that her dad was going to be cheap when it was time for her wedding. Emma burst into tears and started bawling. It was so funny.
Tobin is now sitting, crawling, and trying to stand up. He cut 2 teeth while we were on holidays... it was lots of fun confined to a trailer while it was all going on! He is almost 8 1/2 months and is already a little tease. Tobin is about 25lbs (trust me my back can tell!) He is a really busy little boy and I can tell he just wants to run!
We are all doing great and had a good summer.