Friday, March 20, 2009

MMMMM Cupcakes!!

I was decorating cupcakes today and thought that I would share them with you!! Well not actually give them to you to eat but taste with your eyes! Actually some of you will get one tomorrow. Anyways the flowers just reminded me of spring. I needed something in my window sill to look at other than the 3feet of snow outside! Happy Spring.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My New Do!

Yesterday I went over to Mindy's just to get my ends trimmed and color my hair. Little did I know I would be coming out with a new cut! I havn't had bangs forever, and when I did have bangs well lets just say that it was early 90's. You know that awkward stage around grade 7 when you wanted to grow out your bangs but you still had erges every now and then to "style" them. You know what style I'm talking about... a curling iron, back comb and a lot of hairspray to make them stay cause remember you are trying to grow them out and they are getting sort of long. Ya not real great memories. Anyways you'll probably look at the picture and be like... those arn't bangs Jill! Thats what Mindy said! But its the closet thing to them in about 15 yrs! Eww that sounds old! I really like the new cut though. It's great, thanks Mindy.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh Yeah! There's a Giveaway!!

So you should all go and check out my sister in laws new website Comment on it and you are in a draw for a great prize! I know its great because I've seen them up close. She actually made Tobin's name for me when he was born! Such a nice person! Anyway's the projects she is doing is awesome I recommend you all go and look at it.

Friday, March 13, 2009

First Smiles!

Tobin has been smiling now for about a month but it has taken me this long to capture it on camera. He is growing so fast, I feel like the baby stage is zooming by. It seem like yesterday he was just born... until I pick him up and feel my back almost go out!! He is a heavy weight there is no doubt about that.

I also finally got Emma to hold Tobin for a picture together! Its only taken me about 3 months to convince her that she wanted a picture with him.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Days the Furnace Crapped Out!!

Now I say DAYS cause of course it couldn't just be one day!!! Here we are in March... supposedly days are supposed to warm up, snow should be melting, and we should get rain instead of more snow... lots more snow. But then I have to remind myself that March never turns out like this and we do live in Fort McMurray so of course we would be getting -40 weather!
So on sunday Travis and the kids came home from church and the house was cold. Apparently while we were gone the furnace decided not to work! And it was freezing outside! The temperature was dropping in the house and we didn't know what to do to fix it. Luckly we have a guy in are ward at church that works with heating and air conditioning. We called him and he came right over. He told Travis to turn off the breaker so that the house wouldn't cool down as fast. When Jeff came over they turned the breaker back on the way it went... everything seemed to be working fine. Then... yesterday I was folding clothes thinking man its getting cold in here... I went and looked at the temperature and we were falling again. So me being the handy person that I am went downstairs turned off the breaker and called Travis! I know i'm so handy!!! HaHa. Anyways Travis told me to call Jeff again so I did. And once again he came over and turned the breaker back on... but this time in didn't work. I was like the flame would egnite then go out just like if the gas had been cut off... Dont worry the gas billed did get paid. It crossed my mind trust me! Apparently there is something in your furnace that if there is dust on it, it won't work. So I had Jeff come all the way over to wipe some dust out of my furnace! All in all we are still warm today so far! It's been crazy. We had a family over for dinner sunday and thought that we might have to eat on the floor all huddled together around the stove.
We are all doing good now and things worked out... thankgoodness for Jeff the furnace guy.