Friday, February 27, 2009

Tobin's Blessing Day

Tobin was blessed on Feb 22. It was a really nice day once we got out the door for church!! Of course because he was all dressed in white he had to have one of those really disgusting poops and when I went to change that I didn't have any wipes left so while Travis was getting the wipes, Tobin peed all over himself. It was great!!!

After we got home from church we wanted to get some family pictures. Emma was mad and cried lots because she wanted her blanket. Tobin was screaming in some of the pictures. Finally we got some that weren't too bad. Emma wasn't happy in any of them! The best one is now the big picture on the top of the blog.

Tobin is growing so fast! He weighs 15lb 1oz. I know he's huge! I'm expecting a really big boy. Travis is sure that Tobin will be bigger than him. He's got a good start anyways. His head however is not at big as Emma's was!! She's got a big noggin!! Tobin's is in the 65%. I know my baby's are big and grow fast but at least they are healthy and strong. I'm going to get a shot of Tobin smiling too. He started at about 7 weeks. And on Sunday he started laughing for the first time. It was so cute. I love my kids, they are the best part of my life!! Travis rates up there pretty high too!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our Best Trip Ever!

Okay so maybe not are best trip ever. After the first night we were wondering if we should have even gone down to Edmonton. I got sick with this nasty flu that hit me like a tonne of bricks! I had really bad chills and couldn't stop coughing. But... because I'm a Mom I had to tough it out. We took are car to have a tune up and a remote starter put in. (Probably the best thing that happened on the trip!) We were shuttled over to the west ed mall to pass the day away. We took Emma on some rides which she liked once they started. I would post pictures but we left the camera in the car at the shop! So no pictures sorry. The we took her to see the Sea Lions which was actually a pretty good show. We got Emma's picture taken beside one of them and paid to have it emailed to my account... well it hasn't shown up yet. So again no pictures of that either.

I was so glad when we finally got back to the hotel so that I could just lay on the bed and do nothing. The next day after not having much sleep we got up and took Emma to the Space and Science center. (Thanks for the suggestion Lindsay it was great). Emma had lots of fun until just to top off my day... (just so you know before I tell you what happened Emma was in the bathroom with me about 5 mins before the best part of are trip happened!) We were in an area called the discovery corner for little kids. In here they have giant building blocks and water tables and a giant piano that you walk on! Travis took Emma to see the water stuff and ... well when he turned around to get Emma's attention... she got his! Her pants were soaked. Travis thought that it was just water from the toys, then he felt it and it was warm! Of course we had no other pants for her. We did have extra underwear and a pull up. It made me so mad because I had a pair of jeans in my hands at Old Navy the day before and put them down cause I was like I'll just get them when we go to south common! So we had to wrap her pants around her legs and make her sit in her stroller with no pants on only a pull up! It was a serious gong show!

Oh and then the next day we never made it to south common for more shopping. We were all too sick and just wanted to come home! Really we should have just stayed and hybernated in are house for the week! But I do have a nice warm car to get into now... I guess one good thing came out of are trip.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Little Fashion Co-ordinator!

So my daughter has a thing with clothes. Most of you know that she went through a phase of not wearing anything but her diaper. Well since she has been potty trained she now goes through her dressing looking for anything she can wear! Her personal favs are her princess dresses! Luckly she hasn't asked to wear them to church... yet! Today I decided to take some pictures of her in all her wonderful outfits. Just so you know this was just some of the many that she wore.
When she came out in her swimming suit she asked to go swimming... the best I could do was fill the tub and let her swim at home. There is never a dull moment at my house with her around, especially because I never know what she is going come out of her room in. Some days she has a very unique style ( lots of layering!) I love her to death though.