Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Last 5 Months!

How do I condense the last 5 months into something interesting and short enough that people will actually read it without getting bored!

The last thing that I blogged about was my broken foot since then it finally healed up... it took about 4 months but it's great and I've been able to start playing volleyball again.

Me and Travis were able to go a sweet holiday to Hawaii. We did a 7 day cruise around to the different islands and then spent 5 more days on Oahu. It was great to get away. We went para sailing, tubing, kayaking, some tours, ate lots of food, got sun tanned, and went to a lot of beaches! We love it there, the weather was perfect everyday!

Tobin turned 2 on Dec 19th! I know he's getting big. I made a monster truck cake for him and we had Dustin and Mindy and their kids over to celebrate. Tobin is starting to say lots of words and is getting quite the little personality! He loves to color with Emma, play with Emma, sit on Emma and make her mad, and in the morning he waits for Emma to come in and crawl into his bed to play! He really likes Emma!! We stayed in Fort McMurray this Christmas. It was really nice and quiet. Dustin and Mindy came over Christmas Eve and we had lots of fun. It was very low key and not stressful. Santa was good to us... He brought me a Kitchen Aid!! Funny how he just knows! And January!! I had my 30th birthday this month. So here is my excuse for not blogging... it's called old age. I just forgot! No actually I'm just a slacker! Travis planned a great birthday party for me with lots of our good friends. My face hurt so bad from laughing! I love having fun and playing games with great people so it was the perfect night! Travis made me a birthday cake, it was a white cake with vanilla and cream cheese pudding, pineapple and whipping cream on top! SOOO GOOD! Some good news too... Travis got a new job at work so starting probably in Aprilish he will no longer working nights!! Yay! Only during shutdowns. He is really looking forward to the new job... he won't have to babysit 15 grown men anymore!

I'm going to do better with the blog to look for more regular post to occur... hopefully!

Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm Broken, But Alive!

K I'm not totally broken... just my foot! Lots of you have already heard the story but I really feel it is something that I need to blog about.
About a week and a half ago everything was pretty good. I had gone to the relief society meeting and felt like it went really well. I came home sat down to watch Grey's and just unwind. It was about 11pm and Travis works really early so he had been in bed already for 2 hours. I was walking down the stairs and it was all in like slow motion, like you know it's going to happen and you can't do anything about it. I missed the last 2 or 3 steps and landed on my foot really wrong. I landed on the edge of it and then all my weight went on it heard a nasty crunch, then I cracked my knee on the other leg super hard on the floor. I was laying there thinking " O My goodness I think I broke both legs" I have never felt pain like that before. I screamed and yelled for Travis but, because he had the door shut and a fan on there was absolutely no way in the world he was going to hear me. I was hoping that Emma might wake up but really who I'm I kidding she sleeps like a log! So after about 15-20Min's of yelling the pain subsided in my knee a little or at least enough to crawl up the stairs to the bedroom. Travis woke up and thought I was having a gall bladder attack, so he started rubbing my back really hard! I was like no I think I broke my foot. Thank goodness Dustin could come over and stay with the kids while we went to the ER. I got right in and got a x-ray done. The Dr. came back and told me it was broken. Then he added that because of how it broke they might have to do surgery to set the bone. I came back to the hospital in the morning to see the Orthopedic Dr. and he said that it would heal just fine and surgery wasn't needed! Hooray some good news!
So life is a little slower these days but that's not stopping me. Ok let me rephrase that life is not slower I'm just slower doing the stuff in it! I will not let a broken foot get in the way of the things that need to be done. I keep telling myself there are people out there that are way worse off that do more than me. I'll have an update after the 20th when I go back to see the Ortho Dr. My kids have realized that if they take something that there not supposed to all they have to do is run away and I can't catch them...very fast anyways. They are becoming a little more independent which is good.
I'm grateful for all the help and meals that we have gotten that first week. It helped out so much and was really appreciated. Now for the pictures... there sort of gross... just warning ya!

It's actually more pretty now than in these picture... my toes are actually almost all purple now!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Little Late... But Here It Is!

I know I'm a bad blogger but that's OK! Life is crazy and not just for me but for most people and how some of you are such good blogger's I will never know! Here's an update from about July until now!
We left on holidays the end of July and headed to Calgary where we met up with my family for a couple of days. We took the kids to the zoo which they loved! Then the next morning we were all off to Shuswap Lake in BC. We rented a cabin out there. It was beautiful. The entire week we were there it was in the high 30's and no rain! We rented a ski boat for 3 days too. So much fun. It was so relaxing out there all we did was hang out on the beach and play with the kids, play games with family and laugh a lot! This is definitely going to have to become a regular holiday. Oh ya there were some minor things that happened while at Shuswap... a few of us got swimmers itch! It totally sucked. Travis got it worse than anyone, he was so itchy! After Shuswap we headed to Taber to pick up the trailer. We were off to Waterton to meet up with Travis's family. I love camping and it was fun to see everyone. We threw lots of rocks in the lake... by the way I think every year we go there are less and less good skipping rocks, so for all of you that go to Waterton leave them for me!!! We went kayaking, hiking and did nightly drives looking for bears, which were successful every night we went. We had a lot of fun this summer as a family and look forward to next years holidays.

After we got home my family came up to visit for about a week. We took them out quading and had lots of fun. I love it when people come up to visit. I think more of you should come up. Winters are beautiful here;) Come check them out sometime!

September has been a crazy month. Emma started school for the first time and loves it. I like the quiet afternoons that we have. It's been great car pooling with Mindy. Each of us only has to drive 2 times a week instead of 4. I think the kids are adjusting good to the schedule. My kids have also started gymnastics every Friday. I put Tobin in this time and I think he really likes it. It good for him to burn off some of that energy! Travis started a shutdown this month. He is working 6 days in a row and then gets 1 day off. Or in Fort Mac terms a 6 and 1. It supposed to be over sometime towards the end of October! I can do this... at least that's what I tell myself almost everyday!

See you in 4 months for my next update! Jokes I'm going to do better... winters coming and with all the beautiful weather that we get I'm sure I'll have a little more time to update this blog!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Family and Canada Day

We were so lucky to have so family come up and visit us this last week. It was so much fun to hang out and laugh and have a great time. We went out for crab legs, went quading, went quading again and then finished it all off with the Canada Day Parade. Emma, Kyla and Haley had a fun time doing makeovers every chance they got! They were so beautiful! Travis and Damon got some fishing in and actually brought one home to eat. Yummy! We had a great time together and look forward for summer holidays when we get to spend more time together!
This was a real live buffalo riding in the car for the Canada Day Parade! It was one of the best floats there!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm A Nerd!

OK I know you are all like nice blog background but I'm excited for this movie to come out in about 17 days... but really who's counting!! Actually I'm sure there are some of you that are counting down the days. It's OK you don't have to admit to doing it... especially you Jody! Well this background is for all you Twilight fans. I know that some people think that it's weird for so many women to be obsessed with these books and movies but really it's a way to escape from everyday life just for a couple of hours! At least that's what it is for me there are some people that do go a smidgen to far, I mean really your 45 do you actually think Jacob is going to come and marry you?!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Boy's and Their Toys!

Ok we finally broke down and bought a few new toys... well Travis did anyways. I'm excited though. This is going to be one fun summer outside and probably a little muddy too! I'm finally going to get to see some more of the area around were I live. It is beautiful forest everywhere and I have only been out it a few places. There is a really cool place to go quading up by 6 Lakes. I never knew this until a few years ago that Fort McMurray has sand dunes. Apparently it's the place to go. I'll hoping to get up there this summer to check them out.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Little Update

OK so not too much has happened in the last couple of weeks!! OK maybe just a few things. We have moved into our new house YAY!! It's all coming together kind of. I will take some pictures when we get everything all done.

Emma turned 4 on April 24th. We have been putting off her birthday party until we get settled in. Of course she is having a princess party... would it be anything else for my girly girl! She still dresses up in about 80 different outfits through out the day. Emma is loving her new pink room and both kids are doing great in there own rooms. It will be even better when we get blinds up on all the windows. Emma is a smart little cookie and loves her snacks! She gets to go into the early entry program this fall for school and is getting excited. I can't believe how big she is getting. We love Emma very much and are so proud of her. She is such a nice little girl and kind to everyone.

Tobin is seriously busy! He is into absolutely everything. I need some nice weather so that I can take the kids out for a walk during the day. Tobin is happy in the house and does have lots of space to run but, he won't just go and play. He is constantly following me around pulling out everything that I put away. So frustrating! He is a happy little boy and loves to play with Emma when she lets him! I love hearing them laughing and playing together... it makes my day so good when I hear that. I love my little boy so much and wouldn't change it for anything... well maybe just a little less of the pulling everything out!

Sunday was May 2. May 2 is a really special day for us. This is the day that Ethan was born. He was so tiny and small. We miss him so much. Ethan would be 5 years old. I can't believe it has been 5 years already. May 21 is another day that we remember... this is the day that he passed away. It was a super hard time in our life but I know as we turn to the Lord and let him guide us things will always be OK. I know the atonement is real. I can't wait for the day that I get to hold him in my arms again. It will come I know it.

Life is busy but it's pretty darn good.