Friday, July 24, 2009

Spray Park 2

Sharisse enjoying some sun!!

Ava looking so cute.

Me and my kidlets!
Tobin all tuckered out!

Spray Park!!

One of the best things about Fort McMurray is the spray parks around town. There are 4 of them around the city! We decided to venture out today to the other side of the city to the waterways spray park. It was so hot today about 32 degrees C. We lasted about an hour and half and got too hot and decided to call it a day. Unfortunatly I never did get any of the kids actually in the water. First off Emma didn't want anything to do with the water and second there was some really great parks to play on. Today the park won out. I realize now that I never even got a picture of the spray park in any of the pictures! Oh well... they really do exist!

Presley in Pink and Jaycie in blue... with there momma Mindy.

Kyla... Mindy's oldest daughter.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Let The Building Begin... Soon!

Okay maybe not right now but hopefully it will all start soon. Just to let you all know this is what my blog is probably going to be about for the next hopefully only 9 months or less. We are going to be putting up are house for sale here very soon. I'm actually kinda sad and will miss my little house. Mostly just because it is the first house that we have bought. It's been a great starter house but we are most definately out growing it. We do have house plans picked out and are just waiting for everything to be approved. We do have a lot reserved and are almost ready to buy that. I'm getting really excited and can't wait to actually get started... once there is a hole in the ground where that giant mud puddle is maybe it will become real!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer Begins!

We just got back from are first week of holidays. It was great. We went to Waterton first to break in our new trailer. Jody and Damon met us there and camped for 2 nights with us. We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather. Then we were off to Raymond for July 1st. We hung out with lots of family and ate tonnes of good food. After Raymond we went out to Taber and took the kids swimming. It was actually Tobins first time swimming and I didn't even have my camera with me. We had lots of fun and will be home now for about 4 weeks then it is off to Victoria for a couple of weeks. I love summer.

This is what a man will do for ice cream!!!! BRRRRR!!

Nothing beats skipping rocks on waterton lake!

Tobin loves being outside!

This is what a 14 yr old will do for ice cream! Go Denim!

Look at that form! It skipped at least 14 times!