Saturday, October 10, 2009


So most of you have already heard that are house finally sold! We are just waiting for everything to be finalized. We have to be out of are house on the 29th of october. Now I'm just packing and packing and packing. We have also been looking for a place to rent while are other house is being built. I really thought that it wouldn't be that hard to find a place but I know now why I hate renting!!! It's so stinkin expensive. We looked at a townhouse in thickwood the other day thinking that it would be just right... 3 bedrooms and a basement that we could store everything in. I found out today that it wasn't just me that was thinking about the townhouse and how well... it was pretty gross. I kept telling myself it was only temporary!! Mmm that wasn't really working! So tonight we went a looked at a basement suite. It was ok, there was somethings that were better, like the kitchen but it was pretty beat up. Monday I'm going to look at another place... It is newer and is a walk out basement suite, it costs more so we are hoping that we can cram all are stuff in it and in my sister in laws garage! Otherwise we will be looking at a storage unit! Wish me luck!