Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Little Late... But Here It Is!

I know I'm a bad blogger but that's OK! Life is crazy and not just for me but for most people and how some of you are such good blogger's I will never know! Here's an update from about July until now!
We left on holidays the end of July and headed to Calgary where we met up with my family for a couple of days. We took the kids to the zoo which they loved! Then the next morning we were all off to Shuswap Lake in BC. We rented a cabin out there. It was beautiful. The entire week we were there it was in the high 30's and no rain! We rented a ski boat for 3 days too. So much fun. It was so relaxing out there all we did was hang out on the beach and play with the kids, play games with family and laugh a lot! This is definitely going to have to become a regular holiday. Oh ya there were some minor things that happened while at Shuswap... a few of us got swimmers itch! It totally sucked. Travis got it worse than anyone, he was so itchy! After Shuswap we headed to Taber to pick up the trailer. We were off to Waterton to meet up with Travis's family. I love camping and it was fun to see everyone. We threw lots of rocks in the lake... by the way I think every year we go there are less and less good skipping rocks, so for all of you that go to Waterton leave them for me!!! We went kayaking, hiking and did nightly drives looking for bears, which were successful every night we went. We had a lot of fun this summer as a family and look forward to next years holidays.

After we got home my family came up to visit for about a week. We took them out quading and had lots of fun. I love it when people come up to visit. I think more of you should come up. Winters are beautiful here;) Come check them out sometime!

September has been a crazy month. Emma started school for the first time and loves it. I like the quiet afternoons that we have. It's been great car pooling with Mindy. Each of us only has to drive 2 times a week instead of 4. I think the kids are adjusting good to the schedule. My kids have also started gymnastics every Friday. I put Tobin in this time and I think he really likes it. It good for him to burn off some of that energy! Travis started a shutdown this month. He is working 6 days in a row and then gets 1 day off. Or in Fort Mac terms a 6 and 1. It supposed to be over sometime towards the end of October! I can do this... at least that's what I tell myself almost everyday!

See you in 4 months for my next update! Jokes I'm going to do better... winters coming and with all the beautiful weather that we get I'm sure I'll have a little more time to update this blog!