Saturday, November 28, 2009

Funny Looking Y's

The other day me and Travis decided that we should all get are eyes checked. I needed more contacts anyways so we figured we would get Emma's done too. Every time I would tell her to pick something up she would look all over and act like she couldn't see it. Well... she can't do that anymore! I know she can see just fine. She was a little scared at first but once the eye doctor got going she was loving it. She told her every letter. Even the funny looking Y's that were actually T's but she did great!
Emma and Travis came out with perfect eyes... me well mine keep changing on me, at least one of them did!

We are all done are Christmas shopping, thank goodness because things are going to get crazy soon. Now we just have to wrap them all. Oh and I'm going to be putting up my tree in about a week. I have been holding off as long as I can so that I don't have to worry about my son pulling the tree over. I should invent baby Christmas tree barricades extra sturdy ones for larger babies!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Give Away

Everyone likes free stuff so go check out the free giveaway at my sister in laws blog. Click here to go there... she has awesome home and childrens decor.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Real Lot

I posted a picture back in July of the lot we were going to buy. Our plans changed several time from build on that lot to just looking for a house already built...(that never worked out because we could never find anything that we liked and then when we found one that we liked it was way too much!) We are now back to building and are hopefully done with all the paper work! We are hoping to have a basement the beginning of December. We have picked out all the colors of the exterior and are super excited. I think it's going to look really nice.

The lot goes all the way to the fence.

The colors of our house... but picture it with black windows instead of white and a black garage door.
We are all doing good. We are renting a super small townhouse in Abasand while the house is getting built. I remind myself everyday that it is only temporary. I think I've been a little on edge and so have my kid because we are constantly on each others toes. I go crazy because I can't seem to keep it clean no matter what. Smaller places don't always mean it's easier to keep clean. There just isn't the room to put stuff anywhere! We will live through this!!

Me and Travis have started back up with volleyball. It is so nice to have something to look forward to once or twice a week to keep us sane! Other than that we have just been trying to get settled into this place.
Emma is well... she drives me crazy right now. I think we have hit the terrible 3 1/2's. She never asks nicely for anything. It's always a fight and she won't help me carry anything EVER!!! She won't eat her food at meal time and insists on having a snack 5mins after a meal. Time outs are happening like crazy, and I don't know what else to do with her. Don't get me wrong I love her and we do have good moments through out the day, I just wish that happened more often. She is very creative and loves to color and draw. She knows her letter really good and spells out the name of every store around her when we go shopping. She has definitely turned into a little spit fire lately but we love her lots.

Tobin is getting so big. He is now 28lbs at 11 1/2 months. I know huge. He just cut 4 more teeth and has the rosy cheeks right now to prove it. I caught him standing in the kitchen today for about 6 seconds. Oh the day he starts to whole house will be terrorized!!! The boy is so busy and into everything. I barricade around my treadmill so that I can actually run and he is busy the whole time trying to climb over it. Last night he actually climbed out of the tub by himself. He is just rough tough happy little boy. I love him to death!!

I'm going to try really hard to keep this up to date at least once a week. I need to take more pictures. This will be my new years resolution!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I know I've been taking my time getting this updated but we have been a little busy believe it or not. Since my last blog we have moved and are settled into our temporary place. It's really small and not easy to find a spot for all are stuff but it will work.
We had a great Halloween, my niece and nephew were baptised on Saturday. We were blessed that day with a wonderful snow storm that had us at a standstill for over 2 hours. It should have only been about a 5min drive to the church that morning but was really long. The hill we were stuck on was shut down because of 2 jack knifed semi's one on each side of the highway! I love winter up here. We did however make it to the church for the baptisms without any dents on are vehicle which is more than I can say for some.
That evening we went over to Dustin and Mindy's for some trick or treating. Emma has been waiting since last march for this. Almost every day she would ask if she could go trick or treating. We all bundled up and went out. Tobin fell asleep in the stroller half way through the night ( he was really into it!) Emma and Kyla had lots of fun and got tonnes of candy! We had a good time even though we had to walk through the blizzard for trick or treating!