Saturday, August 30, 2008

Emma's First Hair Cut

I know I have been really slow at updating this blog but we have been gone on holidays and have been trying to get organized ever since. I do know what my baby is but I won't be posting that until next week some time to feel free to give me your guesses!!

So the other day I was cutting Travis's hair and decided that it was time for Emma to finally get hers cut too. Actually it worked out good. She watched Travis get his cut then she got right up on the chair and was ready for her turn. She sat really good through the whole thing too. It seem way shorter to me now even though I only took off about an inch. I really didn't know what was doing either. Kids are so brave... at least they don't really care what it looks like when your done!! I was fun though. Emma also went through a lot of firsts this last week. She moved to her big girls bed and also had to give up the soother. I think the bed wasn't really hard part for her it was the loss of the sucky!! I actually cut the top off which works really good! She won't suck on it at all. She keeps telling me that her "sucky is broken , it has an owy" She is getting so big now and is really excited about the new baby coming. She puts her head on my tummy and talks to it all the time. I'll try and get some vacation pictures up soon. I do actually have most of them on facebook. You can check them out there.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Pool Party!!

We had are first annual pool party the other day. We actually thought the pool was bigger than it really was. It really looked bigger on the box! Sharisse brought her boys and we all had some fun in the sun. The girls suntanned for about 20 seconds with me. Just long enough to take a picture. We finished it off with lots of popsicles. It was a great afternoon minus the tar sand beetles that sound like helicopers when they fly around... i'll have to get a good picture of one of them so everyone who hasn't seen one will know what i'm talking about!! There really gross. And yes I do realize how white I am... there is a reason that i'm trying to get some color. If that is possible!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Baby News!!

So I thought I would post the news that we have a baby on the way!!! I'm due January 13th 2009. We are really excited and hope everything works out great. I have been feeling a little bit more sick with this one than with any of my other pregnancies. Mostly at night though so thankfully I can sleep it off during the night. Emma knows where the baby is but thinks if she lifts up my shirt she'll find it. I'm about 7 weeks along now. I'll post picture soon of a belly shot. Not that there is lots to see yet but its fun anyways.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Emma's 2nd Birthday!

I can't believe how fast the time goes by. It feels like she just had her first birthday. We had lots of fun celebrating Emma's second birthday. Her cousin came to enjoy the cake with her.

Emma is starting to talk lots more now. She still has somethings that she says in her own little language, but we starting to figure out more of what she is saying which is making her life and our life easier. She is growing up so fast and is getting bigger everyday. Emma loves to play at the park and go for walks. She is a happy kid and we love her tonnes!

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Extravaganza!

I caught you two!!

The Sweet Smell of Baby Powder!

Well I had a great day today. I was watching both Emma and Kyla while Mindy went for her weekly appointment at the hospital. All was good until I was talking on the phone with my Mom and noticed a white cloud in the kitchen!! I caught both girls standing covered in white, my floor was totally white and it smelled really good! I think what they were trying do was change the dolls diaper. There were wipes pulled out too. These are the kind of moments where you either cry or just laugh and go get the camera!! I've mopped the floor twice now and will be doing it a third time this afternoon. There is a white film all over everything. I love my daughter! Especially the extra work that she creates for me. I love cleaning!! Yeah right!! Heres some shots of the powder extravaganza!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Finally Did It!!

So there has been a few people asking me to make a blog... well here it is. I can't guarantee that it will be updated all the time but I will try my best and I have Mindy living with me to make me do it! Not a lot is new with us we were busy the last few months trying to finish off the basement so that Dustin and Mindy would have a place to live. Its about 80% done and has carpet so it is liveable!

We have been having a good time having family living up here close. Travis has 2 sisters that live here too so we do have family to hang out with. The snow finally melted enought that we can go outside and go for walks and play at the park. Emma loves going outside. She is getting so big and has her 2nd birthday coming up on the 24th. I can't believe she is already 2. The years go by so fast. Kyla and Emma get along good when Emma's not whining and Kylas not hitting her! I think they have a love hate relationship! They are still trying to get used to each other and adjust to the living and sharing with each other. Hopefully it will come in time!

I'm going to post some pictures here over the next few days. Wish me luck in keeping up on this blog thing!