Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A New Family Picture!

Just so you all know I do realize how awful my family picture is on here right now! I'm really hoping to get a better one up after Tobins blessing. We are blessing him Feb 22. Maybe by then there will be less bags under are eyes.
Its been hard I'm not going to lie, trying to adjust to a new baby. Tobin loves to savor his food. It takes him almost 1hr to eat in the middle of the night, and then he likes to poop sometime in the middle of that! So then I change him again and sure enough he is wide a wake again. So then we go back to eating again. At least when Travis is on nights I can lay in bed and watch TV. Honestly though there is really nothing on a 3am except for well... Treehouse! and advertisements. I thought maybe if I watched the P90X ad for while it would motivate me to exercise... actually at that time of night it just makes me way more tired!! Ok I'm done with the baby complains!! I do love having Tobin. He is a little cutie pie and is really a good baby. Its gonna be weird giving kid a hair cut before there 2years old! I'll have to put up a more recent picture of him to show you all how much his hair has grown in the last few weeks.

Emma is doing good. She is a little sweety and loves to help me out. She goes and gets everything for me. She has been potty training and is doing really good with the pee thing... the poop thing is another story. Why are kids afraid to poop in the toilet? If anyone has any insight on why that is or knows a secret to get them to go in it I would really love to hear it. Emma is really into dressing up in her princess dresses and loves make up. We have a friend that works down at walmart and she gave Emma christmas present with barbie chap stick in it. You know that kind of chap stick that is really pink and DOES show up when you put it on. I'll post a picture... I'm sure you will know what i'm talking about! Anyways she is adjusting good to being a big sister and as of now doesn't want to share her room with Tobin. I don't think she is going to have a choice soon! I'll let you know how that adventure goes.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tobin Philip Anderson

Well it has been quite sometime now that I have actually updated my blog... so today is the day!! Thanks to Mindy my blog has a new look, who knew it was so easy!

We had a new little one join our family on Dec 19, 2008. This came as a little bit of a surprise as my originial due date was January 13, 2009. I had gone into the hospital a few weeks before he was born because of contractions. I found out then that my blood pressure was pretty high and they wanted to watch that closely. Well after a week and a half it was still high and getting worse. I had toximia. I was told that they were going to enduce me Dec 23. Nice date I know... could they get it anymore close to Christmas! I was begging them to induce me even just a day earlier so that I could be home for Christmas. Well Dec 18 my last blood test came back not good so... we were off to the hospital to be enduced and I had him at 10:26 am on the 19th of Dec. Tobin Philip Anderson was born 3 1/2 weeks early and weighed 8lb 6oz. I know my little preemie that they weren't expecting to be even 7lbs. I shocked the nurses and especially the doctor. He is a pretty good baby he just needs to decide the night time is the time to sleep!

Emma thinks he's ok now... it took a few weeks to convince her! She is now the first one to him when he starts to cry or needs something. She is a great big sister! We are all doing good and are healthy and tired!!! We love are new little man.