Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We had a nice quiet Christmas this year! Not say that I don't miss being around lots of family. I missed that a lot. In fact anytime I would call home or someone would call me I could hear laughing and games being played! I wished we could have been there too. Needless to say we did have great Christmas just the 4 of us. It all started Christmas Eve at Sharisse and Aron's. They claim that they just needed a Mary for the nativity that's why they invited us!! Really they just can't get enough of us!! It was lots of fun we started off the night making homemade pizza's, eating wings, and yummy spinach dip! We were all so full. I made fruit pizza for dessert. ( thought that I would stay in the theme of pizza for that night.) Then we went down stairs to try and burn off are supper playing dance dance revolution... well that lasted not too long then we played the make a movie game which is tonnes of fun! Emma couldn't get enough of watching herself on the TV! We opened pj's, and then I attempted to put Tobin to bed. Well that was a fun mess to clean up! My children have a tendency to throw up if they get too worked up...well Tobin got really worked up. It was really nasty. After the clean up, he got new pj's on. We just kept him up after that. I think it was his way of telling us he didn't want to miss anything. We attempted acting out the nativity(so much for inviting us just for Emma) she really wasn't much of a willing participant. I guess acting probably won't be in her future anytime.
We hung for a while and sang some songs and then Me and Travis and the kids headed home so
that we could go to bed and Santa could come. We got up around 8am and came up stairs. Emma was pretty excited that Santa actually came! She has talked to him several times on the phone and not always because she has been a good girl! Anyways we opened presents and then we had a breakfast that included quiche, buffalo sausages, homemade hash browns and orange juice. It was really yummy!
Christmas was lots of fun the kids had a good time and we ate lots! Hope everyone had a great holiday!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Makeover's and First Birthdays!

The other day I let Emma use my makeup to give me a makeover! Boy did she have fun. Then of course it was my turn to give her one! We were so beautiful by the end. She even gave Travis a make over... his was much more masculine though!
Tobin turned 1 on the 19th of December. I can't believe he is already a year old. It seem like I just brought him home from the hospital. OK maybe not when I look at how big he is but it really has gone by fast! For his birthday we went swimming with Michele and her kids. We had a lot of fun then we went home and had supper. Then it was time for the cake. It took him a few minutes of squishing the icing between his hands... I think he needed to get a feel for what he was going to be eating. Once the first taste of icing went into his mouth he was off. He thoroughly enjoyed his cake. And we all enjoyed watching him eat it.
For his birthday he got new bath tub toys from mom and dad
and new really cute shoes from short grandma and grandpa!! That's what grandma and grandpa are called around here. We have short ones and funny ones! Emma cleverly came up with that! Anyways we had a great day and love Tobin so much. He is trying to walk and is starting to let go of things and take a few steps. He is getting braver everyday! His favorite place to sit is on the couch anywhere that Emma is sitting! And he makes sure he is right on top. He does climb up there all by himself. He is full of energy and makes lots of funny faces. Tobin has 5 maybe 6 teeth now... honestly I haven't put my finger in his mouth for a few days. Sort of a dangerous thing to do! He loves waving bu bye and saying Dada. Those are a few of the things that he is up to at the age of one. Happy Birthday Tobin we love you!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

We Have An Artist!

Another week has gone by and not a lot has happened other than the fact that I really havn't left the house. Like everyone has been talking about it has been stinkin cold. As much as I don't like staying in our little house, it's much warmer than going outside! I think it got down to -50 c for a few days. Thats just deathly cold! So me and the kid have just hung out at home and watched a lot of movies, colored and well one day we did go over to Mindy and Dustin's.

I went over to Mindy's to help her with her growing business. It was a lot of fun and I actually really enjoyed helping her. So of course I took Emma with me because Kyla is one of her best friends and she needed to get out and play. We left the girls upstairs to play while we worked on the letters. Well... Emma came downstairs to show me how pretty she looked! At this point it was only on her arm and I got mad at her and told not to color on her. So probably another 20mins went by and down she came again. This time it was not just on her arm but all over her other arm, face, neck, and pants. It was red and green so at least she was festive! It was one of those moments where you are just not sure if you should get mad, laugh or just take a picture. You can tell by her face in the picture that she in not too sure what's going to happen to her. Moral of my story... don't leave 3 year olds unattended for a long periods of time!!!

We are all ready for Christmas and look forward to having a relaxing Christmas with just us. We love having family around but this year we just don't have the space for anyone and Travis has to work. Next year will be a lot easier to have people come up and stay!

We do have are news letter done we just need to mail some off and send the rest with Dustin and Mindy. Hope everyone is staying warm. Put on your slippers and pour yourself a mug of hot chocolate.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Hustle and Bustle!

Well December has officially begun for us. It only took me a week into the month to get the tree up and decorated. I must say my house looks lots better with the Christmas decorations than it did before. We have had a busy month already and it is just starting!
Last weekend we went out to Kevin and Michele's house for our family Christmas party. It was lots of fun. Emma had a blast dressing up. She came out in about 7 different outfits... the yellow sparkly tutu and body suit was a definite favorite that's for sure. We did a white elephant exchange... Sharisse was the luckiest this year meaning( she got my present!!! Lucky girl!) It was an electric plunger! Everybody needs one of them. Travis was the second luckiest. He opened up 4 boxes of leftover Halloween chocolate bars. Just what we need when were trying to get ourselves into shape!! We had a good time and look forward the party every year!

The next day was the Syncrude Family Christmas Party. They always have some kind of performance like a magician or puppeteer. This year was a magician. He was really good but I think the adults were more entertained than the kids! Then it was off the eat good ole hamburgers and hot dogs!MMM! After that we went to visit Santa. I really thought that Emma would go and sit on his lap this year but... there was no way! She didn't want to get close to him. We finally convinced her to sit on the stool in front of him. We put Tobin on Santa's lap and well... I think the picture speaks for itself! Oh ya lucky me got to be in it too. The kids get really good presents every year too. This year who ever bought the gifts couldn't have been more on! Emma got a barbie princess throne, it came with earring, bracelets, rings, and a necklace. She loves it. Tobin got a Winnie the Pooh toy that makes lots of noise. It was perfect for the age that he is at. And they both got a balloon that really seems to be the high light of the day!

That evening Travis and I were off the the Syncrude Adult Christmas Party. Like always tonnes of people I have never seen and a few that Travis knew. We just go there for the food. We actually left and went to a movie after dinner. It was a good night.

I think for the most part the parties are over and now I need to do a little Christmas baking. Me and Emma made some sugar cookies that turned out pretty good! I'm still searching for a really good sugar cookie recipe... does anyone have one i could try?

We are excited for Christmas and look forward to all the joy that comes with this time of the year... even the cold weather... I guess!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Our House

Well here it is! This is the house that we are going build. We are still waiting on the final architectural approval and permits but, one day it will happen. I seems so far away right now and sometimes it feels like it's never going to happen.
We have been trying to get into the Christmas spirit. I took the kids to the Santa Clause parade last Saturday. We froze are butts off but we did see Santa Clause. Was it all worth it...umm Emma got to wave to Santa. Honestly I won't be doing it again unless Travis is with me. Tobin pretty much cried the whole time. Or wanted to be held... and for those of you who have held my son before know that, that is not an easy task considering he weight. Thank goodness Sharisse and Michele were there to help me with him.
This weekend is going to be a busy one. I'm planning on taking some pictures for you all to see. We have a family Christmas party on Friday and then Saturday is Syncrude's family Christmas party and the adult party in the evening. I'm hoping for some good Santa pictures of the kids! Emma told me that she wasn't going cry! I guess we'll see. I will have pictures of are Christmas tree soon too.
I would take more picture of my kids but lately all Emma will wear no matter what I do is just her panties... has anyone told her that its winter out side!!! Then when I actually force her to wear something she insists on just wearing a princess dress. Does anyone else have this problem?