Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's Been So Long

I know it has been a long time since I updated so here it all is! Actually I told Travis that it was his turn to do it. You can see he was all over that! Travis has been working like crazy lately. We thought that we were all done with shut downs and he would finally be back to a regular schedule... NOT! He got 7 days off which was really nice but found out before he went back to work that there was an unplanned shutdown that started. They estimate it to be about a month long. Ya right, Syncrude never estimates right! Anyways he isn't working the shut down just working a modified schedule of 9 days and then 3 days off. Not too bad. We decided that we should have a fun day with the kids before he went back to work so we took them swimming to the YMCA. The kids loved it. Then we went and played in the big indoor play ground after. It was a lot of fun.

Tobin is finally officially walking. It will be great when he is more confident and walks more. My back will be very happy! He is a funny kid. He knows how to push Emma's buttons that for sure. He also can climb up to the top of the table in seconds. I think that is how he pushes mine! He's a character.

Emma is still going to gymnastics and loving it. She does all kinds of things at home that she learns there. Head stands on the couch are probably the most practiced! I'm glad she likes it. She still like to draw and color and would do it all day. She loves painting but I'm not a huge fan of the paint all over the table... so I found a website that she can paint on the computer. Way cleaner.

Travis is well... still working but looking forward to his day off tomorrow. I'm keeping busy with the kids and practicing a few songs with some friends. There is group of us singing for are Relief Society March party and then another group of us doing an air band. I'll wait to post a picture in a few weeks after the ward variety show. Your all going to love it! We are having so much fun.

Oh ya here is a house update. So things are absolutely flying. We are not complaining. Are lease is up here in April which is perfect timing. We should have the key in are hand by the 20th of April!! Super soon. I went in the house a couple of days ago and all the mouldings and shelving is done. They were working on the banisters for the stairs. We are going back tomorrow to see what else has been done. Are cabinets should be in on the 25th of March. I'm expecting to have lots of visitors when we move in. Now that we have the space there is no excuses!

Bonus Room

Pantry with tonnes of shelves! YaY!

Great room