Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Last 5 Months!

How do I condense the last 5 months into something interesting and short enough that people will actually read it without getting bored!

The last thing that I blogged about was my broken foot since then it finally healed up... it took about 4 months but it's great and I've been able to start playing volleyball again.

Me and Travis were able to go a sweet holiday to Hawaii. We did a 7 day cruise around to the different islands and then spent 5 more days on Oahu. It was great to get away. We went para sailing, tubing, kayaking, some tours, ate lots of food, got sun tanned, and went to a lot of beaches! We love it there, the weather was perfect everyday!

Tobin turned 2 on Dec 19th! I know he's getting big. I made a monster truck cake for him and we had Dustin and Mindy and their kids over to celebrate. Tobin is starting to say lots of words and is getting quite the little personality! He loves to color with Emma, play with Emma, sit on Emma and make her mad, and in the morning he waits for Emma to come in and crawl into his bed to play! He really likes Emma!! We stayed in Fort McMurray this Christmas. It was really nice and quiet. Dustin and Mindy came over Christmas Eve and we had lots of fun. It was very low key and not stressful. Santa was good to us... He brought me a Kitchen Aid!! Funny how he just knows! And January!! I had my 30th birthday this month. So here is my excuse for not blogging... it's called old age. I just forgot! No actually I'm just a slacker! Travis planned a great birthday party for me with lots of our good friends. My face hurt so bad from laughing! I love having fun and playing games with great people so it was the perfect night! Travis made me a birthday cake, it was a white cake with vanilla and cream cheese pudding, pineapple and whipping cream on top! SOOO GOOD! Some good news too... Travis got a new job at work so starting probably in Aprilish he will no longer working nights!! Yay! Only during shutdowns. He is really looking forward to the new job... he won't have to babysit 15 grown men anymore!

I'm going to do better with the blog to look for more regular post to occur... hopefully!


The Pratts said...

Hooray for a new post! Wow, it's been an eventful 5 months, or it least it seems that way when you condense it down to one post. :) Glad you had a good birthday, we had a great time last night! What's Travis's new job??

brooke said...

I'm glad you had a great birthday Jill! It was great to get caught up on what you've been doing lately! and Congratulations to Travis on the new job.

Brad said...

I'm glad that you had a great birthday! Thanks for sharing the pictures! So precious!
Brad Fallon